Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our yard looked like a disturbed anthill this evening.  A bunch of neighbors and friends from our church came over to help us tidy the place up.  No, they didn't help us do it - that would imply we were out there working with them.  They just came over and did the work for us.  I am so grateful, and feeling somewhat chagrined that we can't do it ourselves (quit reading this, Bishop!).  Among other things, they removed a large shrubbery that had been hiding our front door.  Now maybe we'll feel more social.  :-)

Thanks so much!  I wish we didn't need so much assistance, but I deeply appreciate the meals, the yardwork help, the housecleaning, the contributions, the prayers, the kind offers, and the hopeful thoughts.  One day, I hope I can be as good on the giving end as you have been.  God bless you!

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