Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keep Humming

I was able to drive our little car to the hospital today (thanks for getting it registered, Gram & Pop!).  It was nice to not have to drive our big, hulking van on our daily trek to the hospital.  It wasn't until I got on the freeway that I noticed that the windows in the car were down.  They are manual, not electric, so I couldn't reach across to close them safely on the road.  I have been humming hymns in the morning especially, as a way to calm myself, but with the road noise I couldn't hear myself hum.  I knew I was still humming, because I could occasionally feel the vibration of particular notes, but I couldn't hear it.  Even without the hearing, I felt better humming, so I kept at it.

This is my analogy for the day.  We're working with Angelee, but sometimes we may not see any results.  I believe it is still helping her to get better, so we'll keep at it.

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