Friday, September 10, 2010

Li'l Pumpkinhead

Day three at the hospital, and our little Angelee has a big head.  Her brain is still swelling, and will be until about 72 hours after the accident.  72  hours would be tomorrow late morning - so tomorrow afternoon it should start going back down.  The side of her head is swollen, her left eye is swollen shut, her cheeks are shiny with skin stretched tight over the swelling underneath.  The right side of her face is also swelling.  Even her forehead is swollen.  I used to call her my "li'l punkin" sometimes; now she really does have a pumpkinhead.

Yes, the breathing tube came out last night.  And hooray, it stayed out!  Other ins and outs:  The central line they had threaded into a main artery through her groin was pulled out.   A tube went into her nose and down into her stomach to start giving her food.  Aren't all two-year-olds happier and better behaved with a full stomach?  I know I am.

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