Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Unhappy Anniversary

A post from Wednesday:
Two weeks ago today Angelee fell.  How our lives have changed in the last two weeks!  I really don't know that we love our little angel more than we did before; we've always loved her an awful lot.  But our love has changed.  It's deeper, more precious, more tender.  And it's the same for all of our kids.  I appreciate their presence in my heart more intensely as I am more keenly aware, again, of the fragility of life.  It's not quite right that it often takes something sad to make us realize how happy we really are.  I know that my sons would be embarrassed at a big old mushy public display of mother-love  (aw, didja hafta, Mom?), so I'll just say that I love my girl.  Lots.  I love my boys.  Lots and lots.

My other happysad for today is a birthday.  Thank you, Jeanne and Dallas, for bringing your first son into the world a number of years ago.  He became the husband of my youth, the father of my first five boys.  He, like Angelee, suffered from brain injuries - his caused by the brain tumors that eventually ended his life.  Through him I first learned of the sweetness of love, and the heartache of loss.  But because we have once loved, we are forever more able to love.

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