Scary Pictures

This is Angelee just 4 days before her accident.  

She's playing with a stuffed moose Gram gave her for her birthday.  Cute girl!  

Friday afternoon - her face is all swollen, and her left eye is swollen shut.
The stitches go from in front of her left ear, around to the back, and up to the front center of her forehead.

Sunday afternoon - much of the swelling has gone down.

Monday morning - Angelee's left eye is half open as the swelling continues to go down.
She has been smiling to see her baby brothers more than she smiles for anyone else!

Angelee found something she really loves - drawing!

 laughing at a TV show about dogs

watching YouTube with her brother

 Here is Angelee's haircut.  I cried when I cut off her curls, but it is so much easier to manage now.  What a comb-over!  It's nice to have something cover the bald side of her head, and it does protect the incision a little bit when she is wearing her helmet.  But the ointment we put on the stitches sure goops up her hair.  Her vacant look is pretty standard.
Here is Angelee going for a wagon ride with her two brothers.  She sure smiles when they are around.
As we were getting ready to leave, the three of them decided it was naptime and sacked out on the hospital bed.  It's fun to see them sleeping so happily tangled up in each other.

5 weeks after surgery, the scar is healing well, but fairly thick at the back.  Angelee has a fuzzy head!

Her incision is all bandaged after the second surgery

The drain was a bit leaky and made a mess