Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love to (Hear Her) Laugh

She laughed!  Not the little tiny angel smile I am so fond of, or even the big toothy grin she does for the babies that makes her daddy's heart melt.  No, she chuckled a little, and then outright laughed!  Oh, it was a beautiful sound.  And if anyone is wondering what was so funny for our little girl, it was the funny cat videos on YouTube.  I wish I knew how to post one here.  She loved it!

(edited to add: I figured out how to do the YouTube thing.  This is her favorite cat video.  I think we've watched it waaaay too many times now - but it always makes her laugh!)


  1. She must be cousins with Katelyn because Kate LOVES watching funny videos of cats on youtube. It's her favorite pass time. Maybe Kate can come and watch some with Angelee. She knows right where all the best ones are.

  2. Oh how wonderful. There is nothing better than hearing a child laugh. Know you are in our prayers and thoughts. Love, The Ovard Family