Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby in Bed?

I'm trying to do some work on the computer, but Angelee keeps pushing the buttons.  First with her fingers, then with her feet, now grabbing the cord of my laptop and wrapping it around her chubby little leg.  Now she signs "all done" and pushes the computer off my lab.  She looks at the twins' empty bouncer chairs and clearly asks, with a worried face, "Baby?" and signs "bed?"  Yes, my darling, the babies are in bed, just like you should be.  She is a delightful distraction.

Angelee is acting like a two year old.  She is impetuous (I want Mama... no Daddy!) and impatient (pick me up now!).  She is cranky when she doesn't sleep (a terrible night, then no nap until 5 pm - ack), and opinionated about what she eats (I'll take the potato chips with my cupcake, please).  I love it!  I am also completely paranoid.  I want to wrap my precious little girl in bubble wrap, cover every hard surface with foam, and follow her around with a pillow to land on should she stumble.  She is still a little bit wobbly when she walks, and it makes me anxious.  I'll be a nervous wreck before they ever have a chance to put her bone flap back in.  I hate her helmet - it's ugly and it makes her hair damp with sweat and I can't kiss her sweet head.  And I love her helmet - it keeps my Angelee safe and alive.

She is developing some confidence.  She goes from sitting to standing more fluidly.  She is using her right hand more.  She is babbling and making up little songs.  She is saying more words.  She is using more signs.  Who knows what deficits she will have.  But for now, her mama and daddy and brothers are in love with having Angelee home again.


  1. I think she looks pretty cute in her helmet. :) But I'm sorry it makes her head sweat. That's definitely no fun.

  2. Is it possible to make some kind of light liner for the helmet? Terry-cloth, maybe?