Friday, September 17, 2010

Is it True?

Trent called me at the hospital this afternoon, saying excitedly, "Is it true?"  Ummm...  I'm lost.  "Is it true that they are sending Angelee home today?"   Ummm... no.  She can't eat solid foods.  She can't drink thin liquids (water, juice, milk).  She moves slowly and sometimes shakily.  She doesn't always hold up her head well.  She doesn't talk.  Her right side doesn't work very well.  She can hardly walk, even with support.  Her bowels aren't moving spontaneously.  She has no skull on half of her head.  She is very irritable, and isn't sleeping well.  No, I don't think it would be a good idea for her to come home at this point.  Wouldn't it be nice if she were well enough, though?


  1. Where did the rumor come from that Trent heard she was coming home? Are doctors considering it, with home health nursing care? I check in with your sweet blog every day. So many prayers coming your way!

  2. ^^ My cousin Kari :)

    Maybe Trent was having a sweet dream. Maybe you all are turning coo coo from all the exhaustion and stress! :) Maybe you already were :P (What does that make us then? Oh no. We're related to the coo coo family ;o

    That's an interesting idea about a home health nurse. Kari is a nurse after all, I wonder if they actually would consider that at some point?

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog....we check everyday to see how your cute little Angelee is doing. It seems like she is making steady progress. She will be coming home before you know it!

  4. It turns out that the hospital was arranging for us to have help even after we go home, and somehow the discharge time got miscommunicated. I'm glad the hospital folks are helping us even after we go home, though - having a special-needs child will be a challenge.