Friday, September 10, 2010

Elevator Adventure

All the boys came up this afternoon to see Angelee.  They have a great group of people here who work with the kids to teach them what is going on and answer questions.  Before the kids went in to their sister's room, they had a meeting with the Child Life volunteers.  On the way to the meeting, my 2nd grader and I took the elevator with the babies in the stroller, while Trent and the older boys ran up the stairs.  We waited and waited for the elevator, regretfully knowing that we had lost the race to the third floor.  Finally, the elevator came and he ran in, looked out the glass side, and turned around just in time to see the doors close - before I could get the bulky double stroller in!  There goes my child!

I pushed the call button again, hoping the doors would open back up, but nothing happened.  After an agonizingly long moment, another elevator opened.  I was moving to get in, hoping the get up to the floor where my boy was when I heard him running up the stairs.  The elevator had dumped him off a floor below us.  Soon we were reunited, in the elevator, and on the proper floor.  Trent was starting to worry what was taking us so long, but we made it!  Who knew a hospital could be so dangerous?

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