Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Glimmer

Trent was talking to some of the nurses, therapists, and random hospital people in Angelee's room tonight.   They were all so encouraged that she was well enough to remove the breathing tube tonight, and were commenting on how quickly she was gaining strength.  One gave as her guess that they might be moving her off the ICU floor tomorrow.  Another, nodding, added that he thought she might even make a complete recovery.  Trent, in shock, turned to him and repeated, "a complete recovery?  You are the first person to even verbalize that this may be possible."  The nurse hastily said he wasn't making an official prognosis or anything...  but it was spoken.

I'm not holding my breath, but how sweet that would be...


  1. Wow - so sorry to hear about Angelee. It sounds like she has some spunk in her and she will recover well. Our prayers are added to the many others for a full and quick recovery.
    Laurie Fraser & Family

  2. We are praying for your little girl! I read Timmy's remark about -"It coulda been worse..." to Ethan. Ethan got a kick... sound like something a 7 year old boy would say.

    Please email me your postal addy. Ethan would love to send the boys some cards from Singapore.


  3. I am so glad we got to spend some time with Trent and Angelee last night. It was very comforting to see her (because what we imagine is usually worse), and see her moving so much, and making eye contact. I love Primary. The staff is great and there is an awesome spirit there that we don't usually feel as strong in other hospitals. So hard that she has to be there, but reassuring to know she's getting great care and in that atmosphere.
    We're all praying, of course; we can't think of anything else.
    Love! Love!
    Bryan, Kalene, AdriAnn

  4. Let us know if there anything we can do.