Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Haircut

Angelee has had really yucky hair.  Not as in "a bad hair day," but as in "a bad hair two weeks" and then some.  It is dirty and greasy and matted to her head.  The ointment they put on her stitches to keep them clean is thick and oily.  Angelee rubs the shorn part of her head and spreads the stuff all over in her hair.  Her long hair gets stuck on the ends of the stitches, and in any tape nearby.  The hair on the back of her head is fuzzed from tossing and turning while she lies in bed.  Portions are so snarled up they have nearly felted together.  I've tried several times to wash her hair, but the improvement is minimal.  Oh yeah, and she only has hair on half her head.

Our options are: 1) ignore it.  2) let it go to dreadlocks.  3) shave it off so both sides are the same.

1) I can't.  I love combing my little girl's silky fine locks.  I only have one girl, anyway!
2) Ugh.  Not for a little blond girl.
3) I can't quite bear the thought of her being all bald.

How about a compromise - a haircut, but not a shave.  I put her hair in a sweet little ponytail, cried, and snipped the curl off.  Then I composed myself and gave her a cute little pixie haircut.  It's much more manageable, it doesn't get in the way, she doesn't look like a boy, and we cut off the parts that were matted beyond repair.  And here's the best part - it's still long enough on top that we can totally do a comb-over, like an insecure balding guy does!  We'll post pictures.

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  1. the pictures! :)

    I'm sure her new do is adorable. Think of it that it will be a shorter period of time before the other side catches up.

    Praying for you all, especialy you Angel baby.