Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Whew!  We started out the day all a mess, didn't we?  Fortunately it did get better as the day went along.  Some days are just like that.  You're doing well, and then... CRASH!  And some days aren't too bad, but they aren't really great, either.  Today was... well, a Monday.

Angelee had a big day today.  She had a swallowing test, which involved barium pudding, barium nectar, barium juice, and an x-ray machine.  Yum.  She is now allowed to eat foods that are pureed, and thickened liquids.  Here we encounter one of those circular problems.  They want her to eat more so she can get good nutrition.  She won't eat because her tummy is full of the stuff they put down her feeding tube.  So lay off the feeding tube so she will get hungry.  Oh, now she isn't eating enough so she needs to have food put down the tube again.  And now she's not hungry because her tummy is full...  We'll find the balance.

She had a CT scan to see if her right eye was injured in the fall.  That checked out just fine - and she was such a good girl to hold so still for the exam!  Daddy carried her there and back, with her lovely brown helmet on.

The neurosurgeons came in to see how she was doing, and were discouraged that she still isn't responding to words.  They said it would be six to eight weeks before they would put the bone flap back in.  We can expect to be in the hospital all that time - and then longer to recover from that surgery.

The play therapist came in to see how Angelee would do with toys.  She was good about reaching for a toy, pushing buttons to make music play, holding a toy with her right hand, and transferring a toy from her good left hand to her right hand.  I was encouraged by all the things she could do.

Angelee was evaluated for removal of the neck brace, but they decided it would be better to leave it on for now.  That's too bad, because she hates the thing.  I can't say I blame her.  She has figured out how to take it off, though, and does so with some regularity.  You go, girl!

We put her on the floor to see if she would walk.  When her feet hit the floor, she stiffened her legs to stand, but wouldn't move her feet.  We'll try that one again later.

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