Thursday, September 9, 2010

Junior High Scare

This has been a little rough on the older boys.  Five years ago their father died from brain cancer, and I can only imagine that their worries for their sister may be tainted.  I'm trying be home from the hospital when they get home from school, trying to keep home life as normal as possible, but I can't control everything.

My 9th grader got called into the office today at school.  He became very worried when they told him to bring his books as he wouldn't be coming back to class.  His worry mounted to alarm when, at the front office, he saw his 7th grade brother, similarly summoned, but no parents.  The boys were ushered in to the assistant principal's office, where he and the school counselor sat with grave faces.  The boys told me they were "freaking out."  What would anyone have thought?  It turns out that the boys were just being invited to talk to the school counselor to work out any trauma they might be feeling due to the situation with Angelee.  Well.  If they didn't feel any anxiety before, that experience would certainly give them a hefty dose!

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  1. WOW! ... um, I'm sure they had good intentions, but disappointed they took that upon themselves without involving you.