Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

We celebrated Angelee's second birthday last week.  Grandma and Opa brought over creative toys, wrapped in colorful paper she quickly learned to tear off.  Grandpa called, making the birthday girl grin and walk around for the next hour saying, "Talk!  Phone!  Pa!"  Gram and Pop brought cute outfits and an adorably soft stuffed animal.  Dad pulled out a talking penguin game.  And Mom gave her... plastic pants to go over her cloth diapers.  Also...a hairbrush.

Memo to Mom:  plastic pants are not FUN.  Grandmas and Grandpas and Dads are fun.

Memo to Angelee:  Mom may be the one to buy you underwear, wash your peanut butter face, brush snarls out of your soft blonde hair, and clean out your nose when you have a cold.  Moms do that.  But Mom will always be your biggest fan, little Angel.

A few days ago, we started counting up the words little Angelee could say.  We quit counting once we got over 200 - not because that was all the words she knew, but rather because it was too much work to track.  She has been adding to her vocabulary at an amazing rate.  Her latest words were "helicopter" and "applesauce."  There is a trick to being able to understand the language of a toddler, and it occasionally requires the gift of tongues.

For example, here are her words for our family members, in decreasing age order:  Daddy, Mama, Dace, Nay Nay, Aduse, Mafoof, Tookie, Adleech (use the gutteral German "ch"), Sham, and Danny.  Most of the names she also signs, which helps us decipher her words.  Grandma and Grandpa share the name "Pa," spoken while giving herself "five."  Obviously some are more understandable than others, but all are dang cute!

We love you, Angelee!

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