Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Day

When I lumbered in Angelee's room this morning, hauling my bag, the diaper bag, food for lunch, the things Trent requested I bring, the double stroller, and two babies...  Mom, the pack horse...  Anyway, when I came into the room this morning, Angelee was visibly agitated.  She held out her hand to me, so I sat down on the edge of the bed and took her hand.  I hadn't even sat down before Angelee pulled herself up to standing and launched herself at me.  I was amazed as I held her upright body against me.  She calmed down soon in my arms.  My little girl wanted a hug from Mom!

Later, Angelee was sitting in my lap as I was sitting on the bed.  We propped one of the twins up in her bed, and she grinned at him.  He was waving his little fists around, and caught her finger in his fist.  She was alarmed and quickly shook him off.  She was quiet for a moment, then forced her finger back into his fist.  She was playing with her little brother!  We call this our new baby therapy.  Don't anyone steal our great idea before we can patent it.

The baby started to spit up a little, so I said, "Angelee, he's spitting up.  We need a burp cloth."  Her head, although hampered by the neck brace, moved back and forth until she found the burp cloth.  She grabbed it and wiped up her little brother's face.  She responded to speech!  Although I wanted to turn a cartwheel, I waited until Trent came back in the room.  I tried it again for him.  "Angelee, get the burp cloth."  Again, she looked, found it, grabbed it with her good left hand, and wiped up the little guy.  This is something she often did at home, and she remembers it.

Also, she ate a cup of chocolate pudding and a pureed banana.  When I showed her a picture of a banana, she lunged for it.  I said "banana" and signed it, then helped her to repeat the sign.  When I let go of her hands, she made a good attempt to do it by herself.  What a happy day!


  1. YAY YAY YAY! Best update yet! Keep on coming Angel! We're cheering for you!! You can do it baby girl!

    (Are there too many exclamation points?!? I'm just happy !! :)

  2. You go, baby girl!!!!!!!!!!! (Had to add more exclamation points than Rachel...)

  3. Jannette, thank you so much for keeping us up on your little Angel. We on the periphery of your family are very interested in her progress and your strength as parents. We missed the fast, having been away, but your family and your daughter are in our prayers. I am thinking of you as I read your blog. Bless you.
    Sandy Alger

  4. So many promising things happening!! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for taking the time to post what's going on.
    Kim Izatt

  5. Thanks for keeping us posted. Angelee is in all of our prayers. Atalie especially likes to be the one to pray for her. She requested we send this note to Angelee. "I love you Angelee. I'm sorry that you bonked your head. I love you. You can play games with me at my house when you come back home. I love you."
    Heidi and Atalie Bastian

  6. So incredible to get that big hug from Angelee! I love to see how quickly she progresses.
    I also love that she looks so much like Trent did at her age! Her funny face picture reminds me of his funny faces and the cute closeup with her big, blue-eyed, almost bewildered look is the face in my memory of Trent when he was a toddler!
    Angelee is going to amaze us even more as her healing continues!!
    Love Love