Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surgery Ahead

Sorry.  Bad pun.  I couldn't resist.

Angelee is scheduled for surgery this Thursday.  We'll be taking her in on Wednesday to get all checked in with the wrist bracelet (which she hates) and the blood tests (which she hates more) and the paperwork (which I hate).  We'll go home, try to settle our last-minute details, get up at o'dark-hundred the next morning and make the drive back.  It doesn't seem as long now since we drove over 750 miles last week for the funeral in Alaska (and that was after the seven-hour plane flight).

So we'll spend this week cleaning, resting up, and playing.  I like playing at home with my kidlets.  They are fun.  Angelee just came in, upset, and told me, "Mama!  Nate.  Foo.  Boom.  No!"  Evidently the kids (Nate and Foo) had been rough-housing and one had made the other fall down (boom).  She doesn't like it when they get hurt.  Now she's saying, "Need potty.  Shappy (her word for sucker).  Yeah!  Potty?  Mama?  Potty, peesh?  Shap-py!"  Can you tell that we're potty training?  And what her favorite reward is?  Oh, I'd better go take her.  She's unplugging my computer.

I'll leave you with a shot of the sticky girl, eating a candy stick she got at church.  So happy!


  1. best wishes for a very successful surgery!! I have another dear friend whose son will be in surgery at PCMC that day as well. All my thoughts and prayers will be directed that way!

  2. Many prayers, warm wishes, and buckets of plastic smiles heading your way! Hmmm... Would it sound very odd if I say I'm hoping your daughter stays hard-headed?