Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surgery, Part III

Here we are, back at the hospital for Angelee's third surgery.  She is going under the knife (what a great expression) today to get the synthetic plate put in her head.  We like our girls good and hard-headed.

She didn't get in to surgery until about 1:30 this afternoon.  The doctor said that it looked like she had been regrowing some skull, so he'd try to keep as much of it as he could.  He'd rather cut out some of the implant than new bone.  Good doc.  They said the surgery would likely last about 2 1/2 hours, so we're not anticipating hearing anything until later this afternoon.  The nurse popped in after the first hour (while I was grabbing some lunch, of course) and said everything was going well.  So for now, we just sit and wait.   I guess I won't be home for dinner, after all (and there is a yummy roast in the crockpot, too!).

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  1. Hugs and prayers from the Ellsworth family (Erica's parents)