Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grandpa Ras

Angelee is a lucky girl to have three sets of grandparents who adore her.  Mom's folks and Dad's folks, of course, and the bonus grandma and grandpa in Alaska.  What loving, warm-hearted people they are!  Years ago, when the older boys' father died, Grandma and Grandpa Ras could have let the relationships grow distant.  Instead, they continued to cheer us on in our challenges and achievements, welcoming in a new "son-in-law," Angelee, and the twins like they were blood relations.  But families are made of love more than blood, and we've always felt the love-ties bonding our families together.

Grandpa Ras is one of the most accepting, big-hearted people we've ever known.  We love his wry sense of humor, his funny emails, his gruff but gentle voice.  Never would a birthday go by without his warm-wishes phone call.  We could always count on his optimistic, it-will-work-out faith.  Grandpa Ras, you are a stalwart rock of goodness; a beacon of the right in an uncertain world.  Thank you for the rich legacy you so carefully built for us.  We will truly miss you.


  1. I'm so sorry Janette! Last I spoke to you, he wasn't doing well. What an amazing meeting in Heaven. Jay is there with open arms, I am sure. Father and son.

  2. Janette I am sorry for this loss. He must have been an amazing man to have fathered a son like Jay. I am envisioning a happy reunion, father and son.