Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post-Surgery Diet

My Registered Dietitian sister-in-law once told me that after you have had surgery, your body needs proteins to rebuild and heal.  Maybe that is why Angelee has become so picky about her food.

We sit down to a (I thought) tasty and well-rounded dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, stuffing, and cranberries (thanks to the great Man-cook for my birthday dinner!), and what are the first words out of Angelee's mouth?  Everyone else said something along the lines of "Yum!'  But Angelee wrinkled up her nose and proclaimed, "I need meat!"

She picks the fish out of our sweet and sour rice.  She eats the ham off the baked potatoes.  She liberates the lunchmeat out of the sandwich and leaves the bread.  She scoops the beef out of a taco.  We hear it often, "I need meat!"  She makes us laugh, our little carnivore.

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  1. I love that. It really made me giggle. Sweet Angelee!