Friday, February 11, 2011


Things are going very well.  Angelee got the second IV out, and the first IV line unhooked from the pump.  She is taking in all of her food and liquids by mouth (but they like to leave one IV in until it's time to go home, just in case).  The drain in her head just came out, and she doesn't have to be hooked up to all the constant monitors.  She is bouncing around the room, asking for apple juice.  Sip.  Chockee (chocolate) milk!.  Sip.  Water.  Sip.  Shoes!  No, the other shoes.  How about Mom's shoes?  And can we go for a walk?

If she keeps this up, they will let her come home tonight.  Happy dance!

I am so grateful for the miracles modern medicine can pull off.  I am so grateful for our bodies.  They are amazing machines!  I am grateful for all the kind people who make helping sick kids their profession.  I am grateful Angelee is doing so well.  Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Yay yay yay!!! Many happy cheers! And even more prayers of thanksgiving. =D I am so very glad for Angelee's sake and also her parents'. Hopefully (knocking on every bit of wood I can find) this chapter will be closed for a few years, and she can just be a girl.

    Well, as much of a girl as her brothers will let her be. =D