Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surgery Again

As you walk into the section of the hospital that deals with brain injuries, you see a big, fun quilt on the wall.  Its colorful panels depict various fairy tales, drawn by elementary school children.  Ironically, a great portion of the pictures are carefully drawn depictions of the head-injury icon, Humpty-Dumpty.

Today, all of Primary Children's horses and all their good men (and women) are putting our Angelee back together again.  She's in surgery right now, and has been for the last three hours.  They said it would be between two and four hours, so she could be coming out any time now.  I'll pass the time in the waiting room by posting cute pictures of my baby girl, and trying to avoid the doughnut cart (darn!).

Here she is just before surgery, looking at the fish in the giant tank.

Daddy made a glove-balloon in the waiting room yesterday.  What fun!

A rare time of catching a laugh before she ducked her head and ran away.  :-)

Signing "crackers" - she was hungry!

Angelee in her pretty Sunday dress, before we ate tacos for dinner

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