Sunday, October 10, 2010

Did You Hear the One About...?

Snippets of Angelee stories:

Angelee's bark came back!  Her dog has a higher "arf" than any tiny purse dog I've ever heard.  It used to be borderline annoying, but we love hearing it again.

After dinner, the boys have to clean up dinner.  They usually goof around in the kitchen some (are they boys?) and have to be reminded what they ought to be doing.  Maybe I've done too much nagging, though.  Now when dinner is over, Angelee will sit in her high chair throne, survey the serfs, and command, "Work!"

I turned on the TV for a few minutes to keep Angelee's attention while I was nursing the twins.  We don't watch much TV, which makes it all the more interesting.  After a fascinating segment on making homemade pasta (don't think I have time this week...), I turned off the tube.  Angelee's blue eyes widened and she turned to me in horror, "Oh no!"  She was really worried about what happened to the nice cooking lady in the black box.

It was late at night, I was trying to read my scriptures just a little bit before I went to bed, and I was tired.  Angelee was tired too, but for some known-only-to-them reason, toddlers often get more wired when they are tired.  So she was bouncing on the bed, playing with the covers, flipping the lamps on and off, and making me wonder if I didn't need to put her helmet back on.  I started reading out loud, with exaggerated inflection to get her attention.  "AND!  It came... to PASS!"  I read, hoping to get through at least a few verses.  I'm reading Isaiah - maybe this would help me to get through it, too.  She settled right down and listened intently.  "And now... BEHOLD!"  Her big eyes were fastened on the book.  After a moment, however, her head snapped up.
    "What?" she shrieked.  It was so sincere, so loud, so unexpected that I burst out laughing.  After wiping my eyes, I started reading again.  "Awake AWAKE!  Stand up... O Jeru..SALEM!"  I got through a verse or two before she cut in again.
     "Oh," she said, like she finally understood something she had been puzzled about for a long time.  "Ohhh."  And that's how we read that night.  Dramatic scripture readings are most interesting when punctuated by "What??" and "Oh."

The boys are very surprised, and perhaps a little bit embarrassed, that I can't do a sit-up.  Hey, you try having your belly stretched out by nine months of twins (not to mention all the other babies), and then try to pretend you have muscle tone there!  Abs of steel?  Not me.  More like abs of Jello ("bowl full of jelly" works very well for Santa, and see how popular he is?)
     I thought I might try to get back into a more healthy routine, and get going with the exercises I had just started before Angelee's accident, now that things are calming down a bit.  So I said to Angelee one morning, "Do you think Mama should get back to her exercising?"  I was getting down on the floor to do some crunches, but she beat me to it.  She laid down on her back, bent her knees, extended her little arms toward her feet, and said with a very labored voice, "Eighteen!  Eighteen!"  Then she flopped back, spread-eagled, and exclaimed, "Whew!"  Just like Mama.  How embarrassing!  (For the record, I can do more than eighteen crunches in a row now.  Really.)

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