Friday, October 1, 2010

Our (not) New (not) Little (not) Red Wagon

Angelee so loved going for rides in the big red wagons at the hospital that we thought we would get her one once we got home.  Turns out that the price is a bit steep.  I was hunting through the online classifieds and I found a used yard wagon.  Score!  It's not as cute, but it is bigger (fits three kids easily), more rugged (important at our house), has a longer handle (great for my poor back), and cheaper (hooray!).  And it hooks up to an ATV, but I am not ready to tell the big boys that.  Daddy padded it well with pillows and blankets and we went for a walk to try it out this evening.  Angelee told us it was "Fun!  Fun!"  She and the babies loved it.  I may have to rig up a seat belt for her, though.
More cute pictures...
Reading books with Grandma.  Grandma has more patience for doing this by the hour than Mom does.  (Thanks, Grandma!)

And playing ball with her cousin at the Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor.  (Way to go, new Eagle-brother!)  We tied a bow onto Angelee's helmet.  At first it was cute, but it fell apart, got into her eyes, and ended up looking like the plume on a Prussian battle helmet.  Oh well.  :-)

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  1. I'm so glad to see that she is doing so well!! Truly a miracle!!!