Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Gets Under Your Skin?

The first little blue line we saw in the scar in front of Angelee's ear has disappeared.  The line was really one of the stitches that the surgeon had used to sew up the layers of tissue inside her noggin before they put her skin back on.  The line looked darker blue for a couple of days, and now - it's gone.  I guess that stitch worked its way up and out.

The other little blue stitch, over the top of her ear, took a bit longer.  I was brushing Angelee's hair today - she'll let me do it now, if I'm gentle and distract her - when I noticed a dark blue thread just sitting there.  I brushed at it with my fingertip, and it came off.  No hole, no blood, no evidence that this little bit of foreign matter had ever been under her skin.  I wish all the little things that get under my skin would resolve so neatly and quietly... maybe I just shouldn't let them in to begin with!

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