Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A New Room

Angelee has a new bedroom.  Her baby brothers grew too smart to stay in Mom's bedroom.  As they stir in the middle of the night, they knew that Mom was right there, sleeping in the bed across the room.  Dinner was only a a little wail away.  As a result of baby feeding, baby feeding, and Angelee's nightmares, I've been seriously sleep-deprived.  I'm only a few minutes away from hallucinations.  Unfortunately, the closest  bedroom to mine is Angelee's.  And the next closest bedroom is all the way downstairs.

Angelee's nightmares started at the accident.  I can't say that I blame her - I can't imagine many more scary situations.  Many times, she just cries out, but sometimes it's a horrific scream.  Her daddy and I rush to her bedside, trying to calm the frenzied girl, the galloping heart, and the shaking.  Her last dream had to do with a scary car (?) which burst through the front door, came down the hall to her room and growled at her before falling down the stairs.  She will often reenact the events for us over the next few days, as it clearly terrifies her.  Fortunately, her bad dreams have been getting fewer and overall milder, or I wouldn't think of moving her away from me.

With the exception of her first night in the hospital, she has never been away from us.  From the night of her peaceful birth at home, she has been where I, or her daddy, could hear her breathe.  I'm excited, and sad, that my baby girl is growing up.

Last night was her first night in her new room.  She slept wonderfully.  Her bed is only two hops away from her most caring brother, with two night-lights and a door that squeaks if she tried to wander.  I hate having her so far away, but it's working out.  She loves her freshly-painted new space, and the dresser where she can reach all the drawers.  And she is so happy to get in her "tiny little bed."  Sleep well, my little angel.


  1. And sleep well, Janette! Mommy people need sleep too. Good night!

  2. Inquiring minds want pictures!!