Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I think I mentioned that Angelee has dissolving stitches in her fuzzy little scalp.  Daddy counted them as she slept, and came up with 92.  Nearly one hundred stitches - it's horrifically amazing.  They start from her center forehead, at the hairline and curve gracefully to the back of her head, reversing to come up behind her ear, then jump up over the ear.  The only place the scar will really show when her hair grows back is the four or five stitches there in front of her left ear.

They told us that the stitches would disappear between two to three weeks.  A few days ago, I was putting our daily antibiotic ointment on the incision when a couple of the stitches came off under my fingers.  I looked at them for a long time, fascinated at the technology in a gross sort of way.  Since then, a few more have come off every day.  She's only got five left now.  I'm glad the incision has healed so well.  Hopefully we'll be all knit together soon, and we'll be done with this phase.

I hear that vitamin E oil will help minimize the scarring, so she won't stab her head when she combs her hair.  She'll happily wear a soft cap to keep her head warm in the cool autumn weather.  I wonder how long it will take for her hair to grow back.

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