Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Three years ago I married the sweetest man.  I was pretty amazed that he was brave enough to take on a single mom toting five boys.  Not only has he slipped happily onto the parenting role, but he is really good at it.  He loves all the boys.  He helps me teach and guide them.  He looks over their homework.  He plays pool with them.  He teaches them how to mow the lawn and work in the yard.  AND, if these wonderful hooligans weren't enough, he wanted more!  So we added three little ones to our family.  One for each year (don't count on that trend continuing).  He is a great dad.

We spent our anniversary window shopping in a new furniture store we'd been wanting to check out.  It was very romantic, looking at the fancy four-poster beds, the sumptuous pillows, and the plush bed linens.  A nasty aroma spoiled the mood, and we had to stop and change a diaper.  Oh, we had Angelee and the babies on our hot date with us.  Then Angelee dropped a small ceramic ball, shattering it to tiny shards.  And one twin started to get grouchy.  And the other one got hungry.  And Angelee didn't want to be strapped into the stroller any more.  Time to go home.

But happy anniversary anyway, my dear.  I can't say I didn't try to warn you about this happy chaos.  But you seem to like it.  It's nice to be loved and needed.  And we do love you.  Thanks for jumping over my flowers and into our lives.

May the next year be even more full of joy than this one has been!
(And may it have fewer trips to the hospital)  <3

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