Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Can Find Us Here

I kept up this blog while Angelee was struggling so much, as it was a way to 1) keep everyone posted, and 2) write down my thoughts as a way to sort them out.  I'm so grateful for the love and support so many of you have shown!

Since she is doing so much better, I have a hard time finding things to write about on a regular basis.  Besides, it's kind of not fair to be writing about only one of my wonderful children (yes, I'm terribly biased.  I'm supposed to be!).  I do keep up another blog, all about the daily doings of our funny family, and I do write about Angelee quite often.  She's mixed right in there with a favorite recipe or two, laugh-worthy quotes, musings, and events of the people who live here.

You can find us at AnitaKnapp.  I hope we will see you there!

P.S.  Yes, I'm "Anita," and all of our kids have fake-o names, too.  It's my way of preserving a bit of privacy, but those of you who know us will be able to pick us all out!  :-)

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